Be The Verb

when we lost

our son

we lost

each other


we were shells





different ways

of grieving




our raw pain

forced unrealistic


upon ourselves



emotionally abandoned

unable to help



I’m sorry

I let you down

when you needed



I’m learning

to forgive



be the verb


7 thoughts on “Be The Verb

  1. Loss and stress can cause so much isolation. But I feel we sometimes need to grieve within ourselves in our own way. And then maybe we can grieve with others. My parents had this issue too. My Mum busied herself, and my Dad went on long walks and day trips to look at the sea. Probably wasn’t a lot of help to her, but he needed to sort his head out. His head wasn’t her head, and two people can’t always be a perfect ‘one’ all of the time. It’s an excellent subject to share Geo, I’m sure this is a very common problem. 🙂

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