Why God

we’re educated

to question, wonder

examine critically


no longer fearing

hidden truths

behind sacred words


I’m learning

to love compassionately

to accept

what I don’t understand


wide open

my heart, my eyes


my blindness


and that

is okay


I’m doubting my way to salvation




9 thoughts on “Why God

  1. Liken this one a lot!! just so long as you get there…. 🙂 I’m curious tho, what hidden truths have you found behind sacred words?? I find a lot of the time, the sacred words are others, and not so sacred…

    • council of nicea
      consensus of interpretation?
      twenty one books
      from christians of the day
      the roman empire
      selects four as their
      seeking answers
      spirituality from organized religions
      our true faith
      accepting ambiguity
      a little mystery ?

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